Understanding Pharma and Biotech Companies

New England Discovery Partners

New England Discovery Partners provides a wide range of drug discovery services to academic investigators, pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies, and venture-backed startups. They recognized the need to rebrand the company to communicate their expertise and passion as a leading Contract Research Organization in the northeast. The challenge was to develop a dynamic and chemistry-based identity. To further the new brand, a new tagline was written to articulate the NEDP mission: “Making molecules that matter.”

NEDP’s brand personality had to be about the quality of their people and the passion they possess for the discovery process. The Website was structured and built with a clean user interface to engage any audience along with access to more detailed information. Utilizing great custom photography to support the new brand voice with a tone that was authoritative, yet not overtly formal, was important. The imagery had to express the company's diversity and experience in a confident, informative, yet open manner.


Opening Video Animation

Annual Report


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