Magazine and Book Publishing CRM Expertise

Publishers today are under a lot of pressure to maintain circulation and grow their customer base while balancing their presence online and in traditional print. Attracting new customers is a big challenge and knowing how to entice a particular demographic across multiple platforms demands proven creative. Deep experience with every aspect of promotion: creating videos, Websites, direct mail, banner ads, emails, landing pages, as well as coordination with fulfillment.

Clients include: Bloomberg Businessweek, Dow Jones /Wall Street Journal, Hearst Digital Media, TV Guide, Newsweek, Algonquin, Bloomsbury, Penguin, Perseus, Tor, Vanguard Press

Bloomberg Businessweek

Jason has enjoyed a long working relationship with Businessweek before and after Bloomberg acquired the publication in 2010. It all began with the creation of their launch video and grew to designing and producing all their customer subscription promotion and advertising (print and online), including direct mail.





Video Book Trailers

Design and production prowess producing inexpensive videos using a combination of live footage, stock photo/video, animation, voice-overs, and music, translates well to any platform. 


Significant Client Engagements

DowJones: The Wall Street Journal + WSJ Digital Network + MarketWatch; Hearst: WebSites + print/online ads.

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