Communicating Complex Professional Services

Jason’s experience in this sector began with providing design consultation services for small accounting firms. PwC grew to be a significant account – first implementing a video global communications system for the new CEO, and later working primarily for the Entertainment and Media Practice. Those projects included print and online customer marketing, publications, meeting design for conferences and summits, interactive presentations, and PwC’s new business pitches with video, web, and print.

Clients include: PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte, KPMG

Sales Pitches

Developed production model for new RFP pitches that incorporated print, custom photography, video (with proposed accounting team), and Web.

SUN Microsystems Website pitch

Exelon pitch: print cover and Website sample pages

PwC Brand Implementation

One of a hundred examples of photo and type brand application: PwC State Tax Consulting kit cover (brown) and one of five brochure inserts – each showing closed flap and open flap reveal.

8"x 24" poster illustration

Unique PwC Solutions

Vertical poster of what was coined the Entertainment and Media Mall.

A Deeper View special advertising feature addressing Internet privacy.

Invitation to attend an evening with industry news moguls and professionals.

8-page brochure

Gatefold Cover

Creation and Implementation of Deloitte’s Tax Lab Brand

Interactive CD and Web intranet presenting Deloitte’s new delivery system for their state-wide Tax Lab products. The interactive module featured a new identity, animation/sonic branding and a talking host. The internal network linked salespeople to downloadable PPTs, fact sheets, and newsletters. 

CD Package

Intro animation still

Landing page navigation

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