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Jason is a sailor and has created custom-designed nautical communications for decades. He has deep experience in member communications – understanding how clubs function and promoting on-the-water events and onshore activities via print, online and social media. Beyond creating traditional communications including Websites, newsletters, and yearbooks, Jason has applied his skillset to designing save-the-date cards, Powerpoint presentations, store merchandise, banners, and branding for events, races, and cruises. 

Clients include: The Corinthians, Norwalk Yacht Club, UK Sailmakers New York

Membership Engagement and Communications 

Working in member relations – from prospective member recruitment to promoting the best possible club experience for current members – is an ongoing and critical endeavor. With people leading busy lives and with so many entertainment and recreational choices, marketing a club becomes even more of a challenge. The process begins by asking many questions. Is the club promoting its best attributes? Has the club adopted a customer relationship management (CRM) platform to learn all it can about its members? Is it continually refining its prospective member marketing strategies to appeal and connect at every touchpoint? Does the Membership Committee have a solid understanding of trends in local demographics? And lastly, are the communications proving to create the best member experience for retention? 

Applying his corporate marketing design expertise to clubs, Jason brings a unique understanding to the creation and implementation of new member communications and ongoing programming opportunities to appeal to any audience.     


As a past member of several yacht clubs and as Membership Chair of The Corinthians, Jason developed new outreach ideas and streamlined the application / enrollment process (print and online), including designing simpler, cleaner forms. He is very familiar with all levels of club membership – appealing to youngsters, families, seniors, sailors, power boat owners, and non-sailors.     


Jason's experience running large and small meetings and delivering all aspects of event design, is another plus if a club is looking to market itself in any sized venue. 




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